The purchases made within the boundry of Turkey are Turkish Lira, the purchases made out of Turkey are quated in Euro. Our local price and global price on EstiloTango Store website are different. Our global price is higher than our local price due to the customs taxes, shipment and inventory costs.

Especially in tango/dance shoes;
The materials used in the production of shoes are carefully selected and all these materials are produced in factories specifically for our brand. The main reason why our brand is prefferred is that we do not compromise on this quality. There may be a price difference between our shoe prices due to the special items used in some models are indexed to foreign exchange and some items are more expensive compared to other varieties, also the cost of designing shoe models are different from each other.

In all circumstances, EstiloTango Store follow a pricing policy that is suitable for its customers' budget without too much profit, considering the satistaction of its customers. 
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